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LycaMobile Internet and MMS settings for Android 5.1 Lollipop United States: Sheeting send me | Straight Talk Internet and MMS settings for Huawei P8 Lite United States: Q mobile Brand honer z12 | Guide India: Cool pad note 5 ,asking MCC and MNC ,what to do | H2O Wireless Internet settings for LG Stylo 2 United States: I have an LG Stylo 2 "Plus" on the H20 (AT&T) SIM cards and i know the 1MB photo limit and i've saved and rebooted the phone every time but NONE of these settings work and i've done this a thousand times....Does ANYONE have any settings that have worked on yours? I've tried 4 different MMS programs and none seem to send. My internet is fine but the MMS will send for several minutes and fail...It should only take seems like it's "trying" but utterly failing in the end. Help. | Guide United States: Does anyone have a "working" APN setting for the LG Stylo 2 PLUS phone with H20 (AT&T)? The settings, on the site aren't working on mine. I've done this sort of thing a thousand times but this phone is fighting me to the bitter and and i LIKE this phone...I know H20 has that stupid 1MB cut off so i made sure the photos sizes were much less. Please email me at if you have had any luck. None of the generic stuff seems to work and i've been to, at least 16 websites...Yes, powered off the phone after the save every :) | Guide Brasil: Alguém conseguiu fazer a rede movel funcionar | Airtel Internet settings for Windows Phone 10 Microsoft Windows 10 India: Please help me, I m not able to use my Airtel data connection on my BLU Win JR LTE X130E. Tried manual APN setting. But still not working. | MTNL Internet settings for Lenovo K5 Note India: only whats app working with this configuration, cannot use any browser, it always show you are offline.same problem with other users in my office also. | Boost Mobile Internet and MMS settings for LG Stylo 2 United States: I have gone through steps 1 - 4. Then a screen pops up and shows: cinet.spcscinet.spcsinternetn.boost.ispsnotaotasnpamboost.pamsnAll of these are lightly lit. the first two have a circle beside them. There is no + mark, and I can not do anything. I can not even change this. I have tried changing the Network mode, that does not help. Please advise. | Telkomsel Internet settings for Sony Xperia Z Indonesia: Sy punya Sony z lte?c6603. 4g ng bisa d gunakan kenapa y | Jio Internet settings for Sony Xperia ZL India: xperia zl c6502 jio not working | Jio Internet settings for Samsung Galaxy Tab A India: I entered the APN stated above,but still jio network is unavailable...Please help | Simple Mobile Internet and MMS settings for Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe United States: Will this work at my address w2154 Amherst Trail Lyndon Station WI 53944? | Guide India: it is requested you to open settings>connection settings>mobile and networks>APN or access point names> in APN settings create a prtofile as Name: Reliance Internet, and in APN: smartnet or rcomnet.Click Save and select it as default (reboot if required) and your internet will start working. :) | Boost Mobile Internet and MMS settings for ZTE Axon 7 United States: Mike, This phone has variants. A2017G modal will not support Boost Mobile, but USA modal will. The problem is this is only a technical frequency comparison. Still, Boost Mobile need to allow this phone in their network for it to work (USA modal). One day if they decided to allow this phone, it will work perfectly with Boost mobile according to our tests. However allowing or not allowing is kind of information which not have which only Boost Mobile may have. Therefor please contact Boost Mobile directly to verify this. Also since Boost Mobile is not a GSM operator we do not recommend buying phones outside for them. They may have IMEI range limitations even the phone was compatible. | Virgin Mobile Internet and MMS settings for HTC 10 United States: Check the reply to above comment. In addition, since VMU is a CDMA operator we recommend baying phones from them or checking compatibility directly with them as their network is not GSM. Because of this, in addition to network frequency limitations there could be IMEI range limitations with CDMA networks which are only known to them. VMU supported frequencies are found here: | Virgin Mobile Internet and MMS settings for HTC 10 United States: We have checked the compatibility. USA modal will only support CDMA. No 4G LTE (VMU LTE frequencies are not supported by the phone). Therefore we do no recommend buying this phone to be used with VMU. Probably there are chances that VMU will not allow this modal in their network due to this compatibility issue. | Freedom Mobile Internet and MMS settings for Android 6 Marshmallow Canada: Change MMSC to http://mms.freedommobile.caElse create a new APN profile with below data:• APN: • MMSC: • MMS Proxy: • MMS Port: 8080 • MCC: 302 • MNC: 490 • APN Type: mms • Leave all other fields blank | Jio Internet settings for Android 5.1 Lollipop India: Please go to Homepage and select your exact phone modal to get Jio APN for your phone. These settings are general. | Jio Internet settings for Apple iPad Mini 4 India: Roaming from which network? Oversea? | T-Mobile Internet and MMS settings for Motorola Moto M United States: Could I know the exact version modal number? | Cellcom Liberia APN Configuration Settings: Have you tried above steps in comment? What was the result? |

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