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Jio Internet settings for iPhone 5S India: Do above process again after resting your phone. | Claro Internet settings for OnePlus 3T Brasil: Só eu que não consigo utilizar o 4G da Claro no Oneplus 3T? | TIM Internet settings for BLU Vivo 5 Brasil: na configuração de tim MNC pede dois digitos | Airtel Internet settings for Lenovo K6 India: I am not getting a proper Internet connectivity from Airtel , the speed Display a good speed but unable to open a Browser page.I am using lenovo k6 power in up east circle | Jio Internet settings for Motorola Moto E4 India: i am using Moto E4 mobile phone but internet not setting * curse single my mobile | Guide India: Thanks a lot | Guide India: Blu R1 Plus ( ) does not support Airtel 4G in India. Sorry about that :(Phone should support Band 3 or Band 40 for Airtel to work. | Guide India: Hi guys. recently I visited USA and my Mi phone did not work on the networks available there. I had to buy a hand set and so bought BLU R1 plus. Now this phone is not detecting on Airtel 4G in delhi and shows only 3G on the help with settings if any.Thanks, ID. | Telkomsel Internet settings for Sony Xperia Z Indonesia: sama saya juga | Guide United States: Trying to get a r1 hd to work on Verizon, no luck thus far. Anyone have any success? | Guide India: List of devices that will support Jio: | Guide Australia: Hi Lisa, sorry about this. Do not ever buy US versions of mobile phones for other countries. Because they are CDMA. Almost all other countries are using GSM. It is always better to buy phones from local vendors (I mean carriers or reputed sellers) as they match the device frequencies with the local networks and sell. The advantage is Samsung customizes the OS according to country/network. This helps additional services as VOLTE (if network supports). | Oi Internet settings for Windows Phone 10 Microsoft Windows 10 Brasil: não é gratis. | Total Wireless Internet and MMS settings for LG G4 United States: Check the compatibility chart above. It does not seem it will work well. Total Wireless is CDMA and Global modals are not CDMA. | Guide Australia: Oh, thanks for the advice. I have just received an E-Mail asking me to return the phone and they will review under warranty but there was not mention of a refund but I have kept stating that it is faulty as S-Pen also comes out easily. I would love them to send me a phone that works as it should and is not faulty otherwise I too will be demanding a refund. Wish me luck :) | Guide Australia: I lodged a dispute with PayPal, and told the seller I'd be returning it for a full refund after a long drawn out battle with them. They complied. 😉 | Guide Australia: Thanks for your reply. What a shame as the Note 4 is such a good phone. I am still fighting to get a refund for mine or hopefully a replacement that works... | Guide Australia: I ended up having to return my S4 and bought an S5 from JB Hi Fi. It still has some software issues, but nowhere near as bad. | Guide Australia: Hi, I am the same as frazzled.. I bought a Samsung Note 4 online from an Australian dealer just recently as can no longer get this phone anywhere in Australia. I love the phone but am unable to receive longer texts that obviously convert to MMS and have been advised that my longer texts are split into 3 separate texts. I have checked with my provider Telstra and spoken with Samsung Australia and USA Samsung as was told I had been sent a USA model phone. Local dealer is now telling me to check my APN settings which I have tried above but it doesn't seem to have fixed the problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated... | XL Internet and MMS settings for Lenovo Vibe P1m Indonesia: APN XL untuk lenovo a850 bagaimana min..mohon pencerahannya | Oi Internet settings for Windows Phone 10 Microsoft Windows 10 Brasil: Eu utilizo internet de graça através desse vpn? | SFR Internet and MMS settings for LG G5 France: impossible recevoir envoyer mms même avec tous les code notés au dessus |

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