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We also do support IPv6: Test IPv6
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LycaMobile Internet and MMS settings for iOS 10 iOS 10 United States: I set up MMS for my IOS 10 as the instruction but it still doesn't work. Please help! Thank you.P/S: I'm living in US | Consumer Cellular Internet settings for HP Elite x3 United States: I have followed the Consumer Cellular setup. I still can't send pictures, but I can now receive pictures. What settings do I need to change to send pictures?Thanks. | Vodafone India APN Configuration Settings: No network available | AIS Internet settings for LG G5 ประเทศไทย: MNC ตั้งเป็น 03 ถึงจะใช้ได้ค่ะ | Mobal Internet settings for Motorola Moto E4 United Kingdom: I have just bought a Moto E4 and have got a SIM card from sky mobile but can't find apn settings anywhere.I'm also getting the message "Access Point Name settings are not available for this user.Sky have been unable to help me.Please help. | Vodafone Internet and MMS settings for Apple iPhone 6 India: Oh my god thank you so much for this!I was having so much problem.. i wasted about 3 hours calling around Vodafone and resetting my shit.And it was the damn APN in the end!THANK YOU!!!! | LycaMobile Internet and MMS settings for Xiaomi Redmi 4 United States: I tried this, but lycamobile carrier still shows 0 range everywhere in dallas | Telkomsel Internet settings for Sony Xperia Z3+ Indonesia: Tdk ada jaringan seluler | 3 Internet settings for Sony Xperia Z2 Indonesia: Tlg bantu | 3 Internet settings for Sony Xperia Z2 Indonesia: Soni experia z2 docomo no network | Smartfren Internet settings for Vivo V5 Indonesia: Saya gk bisa kirim dan terima sms juga gk bisa telp... Sdh tanya ke operator, harus pake aplikasi smart volte... Ribet amat ya...Ada yg tau bgmn caranya, biar bisa itu semua tanpa aplikasi...Terima kasih | Umobile Malaysia APN Configuration Settings: io | Guide India: Yes my phone is not working to 4G Lit | Guide India: Jio to Jio calling problem in honor 8 lite mobile. Have you any solution | H2O Wireless Internet settings for ZTE Axon 7 mini United States: Last section worked for me, but I left proxy and port empty (but not mms proxy). Thanks! | TPG Mobile Internet settings for Samsung Galaxy S6 Australia: To help some users who might be having similar issues...I recently upgraded from an S5 to an S6, with a TPG sim card. It worked fine for the first day, but then the network was dropped on the second day.I followed the above instructions, but it still wasn't working, so I changed the APN protocols to IPv4/IPv6, reset the phone, and then waited a few minutes for network registration to kick in. All fixed now. | AT&T Internet and MMS settings for Samsung Galaxy J5 United States: So I've been attempting to help a friend change his APN so as to work in the US (he lives in Europe). As of now I haven't been able to get anywhere, and was wondering if anyone else had advice. | Verizon Internet and MMS settings for Windows Phone 10 Microsoft Windows 10 United States: Current biuld Phone Windows 10 10.0.14393.1480 version 1607 issue: Upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 erased APN settingsThere is no "Property" under SIM card but only "SIM Settings"Under "Internet APN" - "IP Type" is missing !Also,there is no option for "MMS APN"https://uploads.disquscdn.c... https://uploads.disquscdn.c... https://uploads.disquscdn.c... | Jio Internet settings for HTC One M8 India: The jio sim isn't showing | Airtel Internet settings for HTC One M8 India: It didnot work the airtel internet settings for HTC one m8 | MetroPCS Internet and MMS settings for Lenovo Phab Plus United States: Yes, MetroPCS 4G is not compatible for this device. | H2O Wireless MMS settings for Apple iPhone 6 United States: staceyd, do you have a reference for this? Thanks. |

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